Prairie For The People

Neighborhood Engagement


The neighborhood engagement phase is intended to create the discussion among community members which is necessary to develop neighborhood-driven design solutions.
Public input and interests will be factored into concerns relating to quality of life, community wellness, sustainability, engineering and usability. View the Fargo Project Mind Map to see how the when, what, who and how of the Fargo Project all fit together. The goal of neighborhood engagement is to create a functional solution which still represents a culture and history unique to this particular place. Upcoming public outreach events will be posted both on this website and on our FaceBook page.

What Residents are Imagining:

A learning path with different fruits or native plants- “It could be an inspiration and education about food people can grow in their own back yards”.

Think big to encourage companies to move here- “Business wants a place employees want to go to”.

A meandering path with hills, a running path off the concrete where people can train.



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